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Sheffield Hallam offers initial teacher training courses at primary and secondary level. The Ofsted report (2010) rated the primary provision as ‘good’ with outstanding features commenting the excellent centre-based training programme which enables trainees to provide highly effective learning opportunities for themselves and the full range of pupils they teach.

5241 case study 13 students editing filmsThe Primary PGCE course is for graduate emphasise the core subjects of English, mathematics and science and is designed to prepare students to meet the demands of recent developments in primary education. School experience is an integral part of the course, and students work with pupils in key stages 1 and 2 in partnership with local and regional primary schools, which play a key role in the teaching and assessment of professional competence. The case study was led by Julia Myers, PGCE tutor in Primary Education at Sheffield Hallam University, and involved students from the 2011/2012 cohort who would go onto to be teachers during the course of the study.

A primer was produced to introduce the concept of digital literacy and to support the use of the case studies in the project.

A group of students were asked to review the Case Studies to gain a clearer and better understanding of term ‘digital literacy’, how literacies are changing and how in they can be incorporated into the curriculum in order to reflect on their professional practice, It was also envisaged that the students would gain an understanding of the challenges and barriers that they might face when embedding digital literacy into their own practice.

The second part of the Case Study involved the students reflecting on their learning, as teachers, to have a better perception of their continual professional development needs in the area of digital literacy, a clearer idea of the resources needed and ongoing dialogue about the digital literacy and open educational resource (OER) issues.

The work is shared via blog posts ‘Panel of experts’.

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