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Sheffield Hallam University Creative Commons Licence Reflections on Learning

Moodle survey with students: their uses and perceptions.

The survey comprised multiple-choice questions and one open-ended question.

95 students surveyed (Y’s 8, 10 and 12);  54 (57%) responses received.

89% of responses received said they used Moodle at least once a week.

Moodle Student use % Unreliable % Time consuming %
home and school 57
school only 28
at home only 15
For homework 49
Reasons for not using Moodle 57 35

17% spent longer than 30 min; 61 % preferred to do homework on paper

Students’ preferred tasks (Moodle) %
Classtools 35
Waterballoon 24
listening to mp3 11
Task Magic and quizzes 9
past exam papers 6
online exercises, Spellmaster and ‘other’ 2


How/why is Moodle useful? %
Work cannot be lost 22
Provides instant feedback 11
It helps me learn vocabulary 9
The quizzes are self-marking 9
Easier to have set targets 2
Enhanced speed doing tasks 26
24/7 availability 22
Neatness 15
Helps remembering words and structures 15


Who checks your Moodle work at home? No-one % Mother % Father Private Tutor
Work cannot be lost 57 35 6 2


Which technology would you like to use in language learning? %
Mobile devices 52
Voting devices 30
Digital cameras 4
Blogs 4
Other 11

Suggestions of specific ways of using computers included ‘emails with a foreign pen-pal’, white boards, PowerPoint and the free programming language Scratch. Other devices mentioned were tablets, iPods and motion capture. Several students provided extended comments on the way technology was used in maths lessons:

In math we use vote pads … it is a really good learning experience. We type our answer into our vote pad and submit it. Once we have all submitted our answers it displays the data in various ways including charts and graphs on the computer. It is good as you can use the computer to control asking questions to all of the class not just one.

I have used voting devices in maths and it was useful because it times how long it takes for you to get to the answer and it also encourages you to be faster but also to get a right answer as other people can see your scores.

In maths I have enjoyed using the mobile devices because you get to use different methods to learn with.

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