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At the outset, Christine was not clear what was meant by the term digital literacy and her case study was based on the VLE at her school. As a result of the DeFT project, she has encountered a range of digital literacy projects and has been particularly interested in work using iMovie and its use in motivating children. She now feels more confident about how digital literacy can enhance teaching. She has also learnt how it incorporates terms like communication, sharing and collaboration. She feels lucky that a highly developed IT system in her school facilitates the embedding of new methods in the curriculum and provides technical support. Christine feels that IT is becoming an increasingly essential part of her teaching.

5213 MoodleWith regard to digital literacy and creativity, Christine was more creative in previous years when the curriculum was not so restrictive. She allowed students to ‘play’ in role with shops for example to practise their French making films that she could use with the students in classwork. She made films and PowerPoint presentations for children when she had more time in the syllabus. However the to accommodate the constraints she faces in terms of delivering curriculum objectives, Christine would like to use Moodle in a more creative way and acknowledges that as she has in-depth knowledge of the syllabus and knowledge of what is possible with Moodle, she would be the best person to develop creative ideas within these parameters. She would be excited to explore making films, quadblogging in French/Spanish, sharing good practice with other teachers and using OERs from the project.

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