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Notre Dame is a Roman Catholic secondary school in Sheffield with a specialist status in technology. It has approximately 1,400 pupils between the ages of 11 and 18 on roll. The school was rated outstanding in the most recent Ofsted Report (2008). In terms of intake, 4.5 per cent pupils are eligible for and claiming free school meals, and for 94.1 per cent of pupils, the first language is English (DfE statistics for schools).

5211 Christine's interviewVarious e-learning initiatives have been implemented at Notre Dame and it offers strategic leadership to other schools in e-learning. In 2009, it was awarded Becta Excellence Award for Best Whole School (Yorkshire and Humberside); Paul Haigh, Assistant Head Teacher, is the author of The new technologies handbook for schools (Optimus Education 2011). In recent years, students have been allowed to bring their mobile phones into the school to use as a learning tool (Mobile phones untapped learning resource), TES, 2010]

Christine Bodin is a French and Spanish teacher with over 30 years teaching, 20 of those spent at Notre Dame. This case study documents her journey to becoming more engaged with e-learning and embedding tools such as Moodle into her teaching practice.

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