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Key Questions

Key QuestionsA set of key questions that will lead through the Open Textbook:
What do we mean by Digital Literacy?
What other understandings of Digital Literacy are there?
How is Digital Literacy addressed in this resource?
What are the elements of Digital Literacy?
What are the cross-cutting themes associated with Digital Literacy?
What does Digital Literacy mean in schools?
What does Digital Literacy mean for learners?
How is Digital Literacy realised in our project schools?
What research has taken place in the Digital Literacy field?
What readings are there on Digital Literacy and what do they cover?
What does Digital Literacy mean in HE?
What do tutors in Higher Education need to know about Digital Literacy?
How is Digital Literacy realised in our Project universities with regard to teacher education?

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  1. Wednesday 28th August 2013 msolpersson says:

    How do ‘other literacies’ impact on digital literacy? For example, reading, writing, mathematics and media…

  2. These questions make sense to me

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