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5. Examples of Practice

5. Examples of PracticeThis chapter presents thirteen case studies that represents the work of participants in the DeFT Project. These cases mirror the diverse range of pedagogical approaches and digital applications that are increasingly prevalent in educational settings. The practice that is represented in these studies is offered as indicative of the means by which authentic learning and teaching activity in real contexts takes place. The intention is to provide the basis for reflection on the part of the reader and embedded in the cases are the reflections and emerging understandings of the teachers and learners themselves. This reflexive potential is central to the methodology of this project.

You are invited to explore these stories and to annotate them with your own understandings and reflections using Thinking Space.

The sections in this Chapter include:

5.1 Case Studies in School Settings.
8 case studies: early years (1); primary (4); secondary (2); special school (1)
5.2 Case Studies of Professional Development.
5 case studies: schools (2); Higher Education (3)

In each section you will find references to further reading and links to additional information.

See also: Case Study 14: ‘Digital Bloom’ – Exploring Digital Literacy in Virtual and Public Space

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